PANTONE Plastic Plus Standard Chips Collection, PSC-PS1755, Features 1,755 Pantone Spot Colors as Plastic Chips

Price: $7,499.99
(as of Dec 15,2022 13:41:22 UTC – Details)

For the first time, designers working in plastic can get a complete set of all 1,755 PANTONE Plus Series colors as plastic standards with the PANTONE Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection. Organized into three carousel towers that rotate for easy color location and replacement, the PANTONE Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection includes a large-size (3" x 1-7/8") polypropylene chip for every color in the system. The chip size facilitates color visualization and instrumental evaluation for optimum quality control. These plastic standards allow for precise color specification and matching, providing maximum creativity and control in the development of plastic products, including toys, consumer electronics, home furnishings, appliances, accessories and more. This collection provides designers with a wide selection of high-demand colors, and also affords the ability to cross match plastic designs with PANTONE Colors for graphics and packaging. Each of the six tiers in the carousel is modular, so the desired tray can be easily removed, allowing for work with a specific color grouping. Remove the limitations from your design process by enabling precise color communication and control of color in plastics throughout the color development process. Polypropylene chip material closely aligns with common real-world production materials, ensuring accurate color reproduction in your product across multiple plastic substrates. The included pigment formulation combines with the physical chip for the most accurate standard combination. Starting pigment formulations save time and money by eliminating costly trial-and-error. As a quality control tool, the consistency and accuracy of PANTONE Colors assures reliable color reproduction time and time again. Provides the most accurate and effective way to communicate and specify color choices in plastic to clients and manufacturers.
Plastics 100%
Collection features all 1,755 colors in the PANTONE Plus Series
Large chips measure 3″ x 1-7/8″
Includes PANTONE Formula Guide Coated for quick printed color reference
Chips have both gloss and matte finishes and tiered thickness of 1mm and 2mm to allow for color visualization
Starting pigment formulations are provided electronically

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