Introducing the 2023 Miss World Finalists

Introducing the 2023 Miss World Finalists

The Miss World pageant is one of the most prestigious beauty contests in the world, and the selection of the finalists for the 2023 pageant is a momentous occasion. After months of rigorous preparation and judging, the Miss World Organization has chosen 15 of the most remarkable young ladies from around the globe to compete for the coveted crown.

The 15 finalists were selected based on their poise, confidence, intelligence, and beauty. They represent a diverse mix of backgrounds and cultures, and each brings different skills to the competition. The finalists will compete in a variety of challenges, including a talent competition, a charity work project and a series of interviews that will test their knowledge and poise.

The 15 finalists are:

1. Anita Singh from India
2. Helen Smith from the United Kingdom
3. Mariana Lopez from Mexico
4. Simona Ivanova from Bulgaria
5. Yulia Gonsalves from Brazil
6. Jessica Luo from China
7. Amy Lee from South Korea
8. Marie Dantas from Angola
9. Kelsey Johnson from USA
10. Katherine Yates from Australia
11. Tatiana Kiseleva from Russia
12. Maria Gomez from Spain
13. Charlotte Kastner from Germany
14. Yara Najjar from Jordan
15. Emily Ng from Hong Kong

These remarkable young women have dedicated themselves to the Miss World competition, and they are sure to put on an impressive show. We can’t wait to welcome them to the 2023 pageant and cheer them on as they strive to become the next Miss World.

Good luck to all of the 2023 Miss World Finalists!

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